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  • Hello, My Name is Vikas

    Vikas Uppal, 44 years (Young), born & grew up in Delhi-India, Worked in North America, UK, Europe. Highly motivated, Yoga & Meditation loving person.

    Vikas Uppal is a passionate Agile Enthusiast with 2 decades of Agile Consulting and Agile Services delivery experience in the Banking and Financial Services Industry. Vikas has an extensive experience in Agile-based delivery execution of complex software projects for Global Consulting, Products and IT Services organizations. Vikas is skilled in various Agile frameworks including Scrum, Kanban, Safe, Nexus, LeSS, Scrum@Scale. Vikas has coached multiple teams across diverse Industry lines, ranging from banking, wealth & asset management, payments, insurance and capital markets and telecom. Vikas is also working on making Collaboration successful using Weave TM Platform and worked with few clients under Mentorhip of Luke Hohmann based on Innovation Games ® Unique & custom Collaboration Frameworks.

    Vikas is Asia's the first Black Belt CCI (Certified Collaboration Instructor) & worked on various roles like Enterprise Level Agile Transformation Consultant, Transformation of Complex Organization Journey using Scrum, SAFE, LeSS Agile Frameworks. Vikas has also helped organizations in collaborating with Offshore Partners, Setting up Captive Centers and managing Global change programs

    Contact Details:
    • M:+91 9663796262
    • vikas.uppal@curiosobyte.com
    • www.vikasuppal.com

    Some of My Latest Work

    I always love Work & Travel to Learn from People & culture .

    Who am I?

    First Black Belt CCI (Certified Collaboration Instructor) Innovation Games® of Asia. Approved Instructor for CCA (Certified Collaboration Architect) accreditation after with my 2 days certification trainings. See 4,5,6 Below

    1. Stratergy Consulting: Buisness,Innovation, Offshoring

    It is always Enterprise struggle WHAT TO DO. We focus on What NOT TO DO and helping Client, Product Management Organizations,Client's client in collaborating among them self as well as Offshore Partners and Helping multi timezone Distributed teams collaborating better than Best.

    We help organizations baselining yearly technology roadmap and provide consulting and training to Organization teams in managing them using Collaboration frameworks on Budget games and Funding for features.

    2.Product Consulting: Product & Market

    Most Business Leaders of Products, Organizations, Start-ups continuously struggle due to lack in approach & frameworks towards tangible value from their offerings.

    We help Strategic teams using an appropriate Framework, so they can identify "True" value from the Customer. Try Innovation Games® strategy frameworks to get to know unmet market needs.

    3. Consulting : Agile Transformation

    Execution of Agile Transformation Journey.

    It Includes Assessment (Interviewing and Enterprise retrospectives with Custom frameworks - Actions of Retrospective"TM" , Objective Setting : (Action Plan for Executive Team, Team),Coaching & Mentorship : Coaching at all circles of influence.Advance Phase: Scaling identification and application of popular or custom scaling framework , Establishment of COE , Finally consultant coaches saying bye bye after smoothly passing baton internally.

    4. Training: Certified Collaboration Architect: Yellow Belt -60 training Credits

    Course : Innovation Games® for Agile Teams
    1 Day

    Participants Pre-requisite:

    Team Agile Coaches, Team members, Scrum Masters, Product Owners,

    "Everyone who would like to have a taste of gamification and Collaborative frameworks, as well as interested to start journey at their own pace, You will get enough to start and use learnings while in your organizations as well as classes including Weave platform"

    What you get: Weave TM Platform license for 1 year to continue your journey for 1 year and much more but also based on Journey and experience after 4. Training- You can attend (Master Design class Day of 6.0 CCA Advantage) on a special price later in Year 2019 "

    5. Training : Certified Collaboration Architect : Orange Belt -120 training Credits

    Course: Innovation Games® for Customers Understandings - 2 Days

    Participants Pre-requisite:

    Product management, Product Owners, product marketers, Product Centric Enterprise Agile Coaches to train Organizational Product teams.

    "Anyone who would like to have full course meal asscoiated with Collaborative frameworks"

    What you get: Weave TM Platform license for 1 year to continue your journey for 1 year and much more but also based on Journey and experience after 5. Training- You can attend (Master Design class Day of 6.0 CCA Advantage) on a special price later in Year 2019 "

    6.Training : Certified Collaboration Architect : Orange Belt -180 training Credits

    Course: CCA Advantage Innovation Games ®
    3 Days

    Participants Pre-requisite:

    Experienced Agile Coaches at: Executive/ Enterprise / Team Level, Product Group (Product Managers, Product Owners & product marketers, Organization Strategic leaders cum coaches.

    " Someone who is happy also makeing his own food and than eat as well as able to serve to others with Gamification /Collaborative Framework after learning through design Master Class"

    It will be by invite only based on personal interest towards collaborative framrworks.

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    I am happy to share Recommendation from :

    Luke Hohmann

    CEO - Conteneo & Creator of Innovation Games®

    "I strongly recommend Vikas's training classes. I've had the good fortune to work with Vikas multiple times: on consulting engagements and in training situations. He is uniquely creative and I've enjoyed learning new ways to tackle problems by watching Vikas in action. You're going to learn and grow in his class."

    My Journey

    If you call failures experiments, you can put them in your career Journey and claim them as achievements.

    Consulting Freelance Work 2018
    Mar'18 - Present

    Enterprise Transformation Journey of a Global leader in Payments domain, Coached 60 Scrum Masters and Product Owners touching 500+ team members in one Region, also mentored Executive leadership team.

    Aug 18- Sep 18

    Consulting Services for Large customer gathering of 3000 towards identifying technology roadmap using Innovation Games® Collaboration Frameworks.

    Mar 18 - Oct 18

    Trained 100+ resources on Innovation Games® Collaboration Frameworks through private sessions, while acted as Enterprise transformation coach.One day sessions for mixed Agile teams and (3) hour deep sessions targetting Scrum master, Change agents, Product Owner tribes seperately, focusing on role specific attributes using Collaboration Frameworks. .

    Consulting Services 1998 - 2018
    2015 - 2018

    Managed multiple Capital market clients transformation, Strategy Consulting, 100+ Client trainings on Agile, Scrum & Scaling, North America Agile Lead for Large consulting firm, Product management & Multi site agile scaling support. Vikas has also helped multiple clients assesing Offshore stratergy for prespective Offshore Partners and Captive Setups.

    2012 - 2015

    Managed one of Largest Org Transformation program of Canada supporting TD bank in Major Agile transformation after merger with MBNA Card business, Managed multiple vendor integrations services, trained team coaches on Kanban base 24x7 support from multi regions to 1000+ user Pre-prod support services. Received highest client satisfaction survey, CEO Award, Special Vendor Award. Trained 100+ multi vendors in Agile methodologies.

    2008 - 2012

    Responsible for Road map management for Product management Group, Overall Agile transformation of organization - directly worked in all groups (product Management, Product Development, setting up of Program management Office & integrating Customer support services from Multi location.

    2005 - 2008

    Early adopter and one of First to try Agile based system integration project with Credit Suisse, Allianz. Responsible for 100+ team from Zurich working for Accenture Consulting ASG. Offshore specialist. Consulting on one complex integration project, Business development, Strategy Consulting.

    2001- 2004

    Device driver developer, working on Image algorithms, XP way of working, Printer Drivers, Architect of Thermal heating printer products.

    2000 - 2001

    Consulting services through IBM to Product base organization in PA, responsible for Component object model development for large shipping client.

    1997 - 2000

    Buislding management system integration, Developer.


    Testimonials are enough to convince people.

    Jefferies Group LLC is an American multinational investment bank and financial services company

    "Vikas stayed in Jefferies Organization transformational journey of 100 + members of small teams working for different groups and products and worked with each responsible group specific stakeholder. Vikas has worked a lot to bridge gap specifically on the mindset , cultural gaps between onshore and offshore teams. Vikas is highly flexible and work with client senior management to transform groups to become strong cross functional groups. Vikas Agile experience along with background on Greenfield as well as Brown field operation program was quite helpful. Additionally, Vikas is calm , client centric , and focused person with goof human heart . That helps him adjusting with complex cultural and technical environments very well."

    Pranav Shah Senior Vice President
    Client Partner - Capco Consulting Canada

    "I have worked with Vikas for nearly three years on an innovative offshore approach for managing complex banking pre-production environments. Vikas manages the India offshore team and has been providing flawless service on a near 24x7 basis. He has worked with our client to establish solid operating procedures handling all situations from business-as-usual to full business disruption scenarios, and has managed the hiring, training, and deployment of operational staff throughout the engagement. Vikas effectively used his Kanban experience to not only coach his own delivery team, but that of the client as well. His dedication earned a 10/10 client satisfaction score from the client. Vikas excels at setting up and managing effective onshore/offshore arrangements, and in so doing, has garnered the trust and respect of his clients. "

    Lian Zerafa Partner - Capco Consulting Canada

    "I had the distinct pleasure of working with Vikas a MACH. An exemplary performer, who along with his technical and domain acumen also understood that Organization success largely depends on ability to influence people. Vikas was Transformation Lead in Organization, whether it was reviving a small challenged project or driving one of our most complex initiatives - Vikas delivered. Vikas was instrumental in driving our multi-year agile transformation. This included changes in software development, product management, finance and operations. As the steward of our agile practice, Vikas defined and implemented our processes around roles and responsibilities(Product Owners, Scrum Masters), agile training, product roadmap at project and program level, along with the implementing systems and metrics to properly capture and quantify benefits realization. This initiative was particularly complex because it involved teams in India, the Americas, and across Europe."

    Mark Poet Vice President
    TD Bank - Canada

    "Vikas is an exceptional professional in IT Consultancy because his leadership skills and management capabilities. He can co-ordinate and build human and technical resources to deliver excellent results. He is enough and efficient while dealing with obstacle and his career past gives perspective and expertise to handle most complicated situations. Vikas is a very recommendable IT Delivery consultant and Lead. ."

    Pablo Roman Dev Ops Specialist
    Star home

    "Vikas is a very experienced and efficient Transformational Lead that knows how to communicate and explain complex issues to all levels within an organization. He delivers great business results by not only running the Transformational program in a very structured way, but also by making sure he has in depth knowledge of the business needs and all actors involved in the project. This makes Vikas a very efficient Strategy & Transformation Consultant that finds pragmatic ways to overcome obstacles. Besides his professional skills, Vikas is a team player with a good sense of humour that makes it fun to work with him. "

    Nick Wennekers Director Product Management

    Overall 21 years of Consulting Expertise

    A winner is someone who recognizes his God-given talents, works his tail off to develop them into skills, and uses these skills to accomplish his goals.

    6 Yrs
    Leadership Coaching C- Level
    10 Yrs.
    Enterprise Collaboration Instructor
    10 Yrs.
    Enterprise Agile Transformation
    8 Yrs.
    Organization Transformation (M&A)
    10 yrs.
    Scaled Agile Trainer ( Custom, LeSS. S@S, Nexus)
    18 yrs.
    Scrum / Kanban /XP

    Knowledge seeking & Passion

    Human behaviour flows from three main sources: desire, emotion, and knowledge.

    Product Groups ,Brand Marketing
    Life Coaching
    Meditation techniques
    Yoga & Tai Chi
    Human Behaviours
    Data Pattern analysis


    The accolades, just like the scrapes and bruises, fade in the end, and all you're left with is your ambition.

    CEO Awards 2014 Client satisfaction - Global Award - Capco Consulting
    Global Employee of year for Strategic initiative honour title 2012 Global Award Mach Star home
    Global Telecoms Business Innovation Award 2011 - Transformation excellence Global Telecoms Business
    Client Value creator Consultant Award 2007 - Accenture Consulting Finalist - Client Survey

    What I Did

    My path has not been determined. I shall have more experiences and pass many more milestones.

    10 Countries
    10 Happy Clients
    10 Consulting Years
    10 Trainer hours